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Embark on a thrilling journey into the captivating world of web 3 with our carefully curated collection of crypto readings and resources. From the very foundations and historical origins to the most intricate key concepts, we offer an organized treasure trove of knowledge. Dive into captivating topics like governance, privacy, security, scaling, consensus, and crypto-economics. Unveil the secrets of crypto-assets and investing, fundraising, decentralized exchanges, stablecoins, and the fascinating realm of cryptoeconomic primitives and crypto goods. Enrich your expertise with our developer tutorials, practical guides, and inspiring maker stories. Stay updated with our newsletters and explore additional courses for an immersive learning experience.

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Getting Started

What is blockchain?

let's first understand what problem blockchain solves for all of us - by Mohit Mamoria-

Working of Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies)

How does Bitcoin Protocol works?


The idea of smart contracts (1997)

Bitcoin whitepaper (2009): A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

by Satoshi Nakamoto

Ethereum whitepaper (2013+): A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform

Web3 and how we got here

100+ minutes that will forever change how you think about the internet.If you want an incisive understanding of how web3 transforms the most powerful technological force on the planet.

The Evolution of Money

A deep dive into the evolution of money, credit, & central banks.If you want to know why digital money is critical to the future of the internet & the world

The Convergence of Money and the Internet

A comprehensive look at the history and future of money.If you want to understand the internet of money & role of stablecoins

The History of DAOs

A walk through the DAO history books and a look at what's next.If you want to understand how web3 is changing the future of business structure

Key Concepts

Crypto tokens: A breakthrough in open network design

Beyond the bitcoin boundary

Fat protocols

What is so exciting about Ethereum application ecosystem?

A deep look at the Ethereum ecosystem heading into 2023.
by Vitalik Buterin

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

The Bitcoin Whitepaper is nine pages laying out an idea that changes the world.
by Satoshi Nakamoto

Web3, NFT and Crypto terms for newbies

Web3 lingo is confusing.This list of 50+ terms will get you up to speed :

A beginner's guide to NFTs

If you want a simplified step-by-step to minting your first NFT

Real-world Asset Tokenization

A comprehensive conversation about tokenization of real-world assets.If you want an overview of tokenization & why it will be a $16 trillion industry by 2030-

Factors of decentralization of web3 protocols

An incisive exploration of decentralization.If you want to understand the role of decentralization in web3

Foundations of Blockchains

12 free lectures on the science and technology of blockchain protocols, and the applications built on top of them.If you want a thorough understanding of technology of web3

21 Days of Web3

21 days of fun, short videos explaining web3 basics, sent by email or text.If you want to grow your knowledge from scratch-

SheFi Web3 Education and Community for Women

Web3 courses for women and non-binary folks.If you want to learn, network, and grow in web3-

Crypto Latest

The 2023 Crypto Startup School Lectures

15 hours of the best thinking on every topic from leadership to legal, product market fit, and more.

State of Crypto 2023

A deep dive into the underlying data of the industry.If you want to understand how the industry is developing

The Fiat Crisis

An incisive look into issues in the US banking system and how web3 can fix it.
by ETH Global-

Animoca Brands Co-Founder on AI, NFTs and Blockchain

A short video on why NFTs allow traders, gamers, and creators to make a living wage.If you want to know why NFTs matter-

Why NFTs are not dea

A quick look at why NFTs are still a hot topic in 2023. If you want to understand why NFTs are central to the internet, artists, & creatives-

Tokenized Real-World Assets Are Bringing New Yield Opportunities to DeFi

A look at recent moves into tokenization by major funds.If you want to understand the tokenization trend and why it matters-

The State of ZK

An overview of the ZK ecosystem.If you want to learn about recent breakthroughs & trends in this innovative privacy enhancing technology-



A suite of AI-powered tools for web3 developers.If you want the latest tools to jumpstart your web3 career-

The Convergence of AI and Web 3

An article that covers AI-enabled Web 3 use cases & ways web3 can benefit AI-


A database of blockchain use cases across many verticals.If you want to tangible evidence of the real-world utility of blockchain technology & web3-

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