102nd Edition

Jul 16, 2023

Ethereum Stamped Newsletter

Hi there

This week started off like most others in the world of crypto, but as they say, it isn't how you start, it's how you finish that counts. And boy, did this week finish well.

But don't let us get ahead of ourselves and spoil it for you right here in the beginning. After all, it's how you finish that counts.


This edition covers:

  • Why Arkham intelligence should be a part of your crypto journey
  • Securing your wallets with Revoke Cash
  • XRP's milestone victory
  • Inflation numbers and their impact
  • and Crypto payments on Telegram

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Crypto simplified


Demystifying Crypto Transactions

Imagine getting a realtime update on what big players, a.k.a. the whales, are doing. If a whale makes a certain move, an alert beeps on your screen. It's like having a map showing all the hidden treasures and traps. This means smarter, safer investments for you.


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Goal 3 踝

LENS Protocol


Polyhedra 妞

Ever wondered who's buying that hot new token or selling a long-established one? An analytics platform, such as Arkham Intelligence, highlights the players behind transactions, making sense of market trends.

Deciphering the Market Riddles

With billions of dollars moving daily through seemingly incomprehensible addresses, one needs a guide to illuminate the origins and destinations of these transactions.

The crypto market is not just about trading tokens; it's about the entities behind the transactions. Understanding who is participating, their relationships, and their actions provide valuable insights that could impact investment decisions.

Arkham Dashboard

Why should you use platforms such as Arkham?

An on-chain intelligence platform allows you to:

  • Identify fraudsters
  • Conducting proper due diligence before making any investment decisions
  • Protect yourself from scams

In essence, platforms like Arkham Intelligence are essential for anyone wanting to unlock the full potential of their crypto journey. They offer the transparency, understanding, and realtime insights needed to navigate the crypto landscape confidently and successfully.

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This week's actionable

  1. Securing your MetaMask wallet
  2. Protect yourself from scammers/phishing attacks
  3. Revoke permissions to tokens/NFTs.

翟heckout the video for detailed steps


茅op Highlights of the Week

1. One small win for XRP, one big victory for cryptokind


After a long-fought courtroom battle, Ripple emerged victorious in the lawsuit against the SEC, where

The judge declared that XRP is not considered a security, contrary to the SEC's allegations

Soon after, XRP witnessed a whopping 96% surge, flipping BNB on the market cap chart for the first time in two years

Our takeaway: The landmark case, which was initiated in 2020, finally came to a conclusion with a victory that will have a ripple effect (pun intended) on the crypto landscape for a long time to come. And maybe this might be the nudge the SEC needs to bring airtight regulations into the picture.

2. Staying down to earth (literally)


The consumer price index (CPI) for June 2023 revealed inflation to be at 3%. And this number is significant because

It's lower than the expected 3.1% and down from May's 4%

Inflation is now the lowest it's been since March 2021

Our takeaway: Inflation staying low means lower chances of interest rate hikes and higher chances of investors turning their attention towards higher-risk products, namely, cryptocurrencies.

3. Adopt don't shop and shop


Telegram merchants just gained access to crypto payments on the app. While user-to-user crypto payments have been active for a while,

This is the first time merchants can leverage the feature.

Wallet, built on the TON blockchain, allows merchants to accept payments in USDT, BTC, or TON.

Our takeaway: While it is great to see mainstream apps increase use cases for cryptocurrencies on their networks, adoption of the Wallet feature on Telegram is yet to take off, as only 2 million of its 700 million users currently use the feature.


Disclaimer: All price movements are recorded up to 03:30 PM UTC, 14th July 2023

While most of the week remained uneventful, this week ended with a victory in the SEC case for Ripple, which saw XRP soar while lifting the rest of the market with it.


Disclaimer: All price movements are recorded up to 03:30 PM UTC, 14th July 2023

The sectors benefitted from the bullish sentiments in the market, as there were significant gains to be seen across the board.


Crypto Jargon of the Week

Explain Like I'm 5


An event where Ethereum's market cap would overtake Bitcoin's

When the student becomes the master

Example- Ethereum enthusiasts believe the Flippening is inevitable

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