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May 13, 2023

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Disclaimer: All price movements are recorded up to 03:30 PM UTC, 12th May 2023

It was a bloodbath across the crypto market with the weekend approaching. It seems that the memecoin frenzy might be starting to fizzle out.

Crypto simplified

Cracking the Code

We always hear about smart money and the people associated with it. But wouldn’t you rather know how and where this smart money’s flowing before a massive rally rather than after all’s said and done?🧐

Well, today, we find out how you can track this smart money yourself.🔭

We will learn about two very understated yet incredibly powerful tools that :

  1. Dune Analytics: Blockchain analytics
  2. DeBank: Web3 portfolio tracker

Here is a TL;DR version of the process. Checkout the tutorial on YouTube that could make you a crypto buff: 👇🏻

Checkout Video Tutorial

(Yes, this is our very first YouTube video. Please show some love folks 🙏)

Here’s a very recent example that highlights the importance of research in crypto investing. The story starts roughly four weeks back.🗓

April 19th, 2023

Wallet 0x9e037b0d29daa93510fe095043506cb62272f890 (that name’s too long, let’s call it Wallet X) had $885k worth of holdings.

May 7th

Wallet X is worth $13.4mill.💰

That’s a whopping 15x growth in 16 days. So how’d this wallet clock these numbers?🤔

Well, instead of simply telling you, why don’t we show you how you can find out for yourself?

  1. Token Analyzooor’s the first stepping stone to success
  • Go to Dune and search for Token Analyzooor (defimochi dashboard)
  1. You can pick and analyze any token. For this example, we will stick to $PEPE, the ugly frog-faced memecoin that’s making the loudest noise in crypto at the moment.
  2. Copy PEPE’s token address. On Token Analyzooor, input:

→ The chain the token’s on ($PEPE is on the Ethereum chain)

→ The token’s address

→ The timeline for which you want to track

  1. Filter through the addresses
  • A large proportion of the addresses you see are either MEV bots or on-chain wallets of crypto exchanges
  • Wallet X is one of the freshly loaded ones, and can be found with a bit of effort
  1. Analyze the wallet’s portfolio🧐
  • On DeBank, input the wallet address and watch the magic unfold.✨
  • You will now be able to access the wallet’s on-chain activity, their holdings, and their DeFi movements.📊
  1. Investigate the wallet’s holdings and transactions

→ Loaded up with $885k on 19.04.23

→ Loaded up with $200k on 21.04.23

→ Loaded another $200k on 03.05.23.

→ Loaded another $230k on 04.05.23

And where’d all this money go? Well, the wallet owner bought insanely large volumes of:



  1. The results speak for themselves
  • The wallet’s gain over a period of two weeks prove that these purchases could not have been timed better. In fact, the timing and volume of purchase makes it almost unrealistic.

Our takeaway: Did this wallet have any insider information? We do not know that. What we do know is that keeping a tab on these whale wallets can certainly provide an edge. Does this mean that you jump and copy any trade that these wallets make? Certainly not!

Disclaimer: All price movements are recorded up to 03:30 PM UTC, 12th May 2023

The different sectors narrated the same story as the top cryptos. Not a very good ending to the week for the market. The silver lining to this is that the gas fees on Ethereum have started to go down.

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