A trailblazing leader in Web3 innovation, revolutionizing the investment landscape with gamified NFT integration. Experience unparalleled opportunities, personalized advisory services, and seamless access to seedpad. Empowering your investment prowess.

In the fast-paced world of marketing and advertising, capturing your audience's attention is paramount. That's where AdLunam comes in, blazing a trail in the Web 3.0 Attention Economy. 

Get ready to redefine your investment journey with AdLunam, the avant-garde leader in Web3 innovation. As the world's first gamified NFT-integrated Web3 investment platform, it is here to empower you with unparalleled opportunities. Experience exclusive access to seedpad, personalized advisory services, dynamic marketing support, and seamless NFT integration that amplifies your investment prowess.

Journey and Milestones

Journey and Milestones of AdLunam
  • Platform launch: In the same year, AdLunam introduced its cutting-edge platform, bringing unique features and services to the Web3 investment sphere. The project underwent a thorough audit, ensuring adherence to high standards and fostering trust within the community. 
  • Throughout 2021, AdLunam dedicated its efforts to research and development, refining its offerings and nurturing its growing community.
  • AdLunam secured funding through a seed round and established strategic partnerships to strengthen its market position and gain valuable support. 
  • In the first quarter of 2022, AdLunam expanded its presence into the crypto space, initiating multi-chain integrations and promoting widespread adoption.
  • On January 12, 2022, AdLunam conducted a successful token sale, enabling participants to contribute to the project's growth and success.
  • AdLunam introduced Spacecamp, Seedpad, and Space Station, offering advisory services, due diligence support, and a public community space for engagement and collaboration. 

AdLunam remains dedicated to driving positive change and revolutionizing the Web3 investment landscape, providing personalized support, innovative solutions, and a thriving community for its users.

Unique Features

Features of AdLunam
  • AdLunam stands out with its unique features that offer an Engage to Earn ecosystem for crypto investors and projects. This ecosystem allows investors to monetize their social capital while providing projects with access to highly engaged retail investors throughout the token's funding life cycle. 
  • AdLunam is the sole IDO launchpad that utilizes the Engage to Earn Proof of Attention model, where allocations are determined based on an investor's Attention Rank. 
  • By actively participating and building up their Attention Rank, investors can receive allocations and express their investor value through dynamic NFTs. 
  • This innovative approach incentivizes engagement and enables investors to increase their allocation and even fractionalize it.

AdLunam's novel features provide a platform that fosters interaction, rewards attention, and creates opportunities for both investors and projects within the crypto space.

Future Plans

Future Roadmap of AdLunam
  • AdLunam plans to host exclusive events for investors in the Metaverse 
  • In the future, by holding Lunam, investors will be rewarded exclusively and will be able to participate in the IDOs on the platform.
  • Lunam will also be the primary trading base as the market maker Lunam metric lp trading pair 
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