Angle is a decentralized and community governed protocol designed to issue stablecoins pegged to potentially any value. It is deployed on multiple open and decentralized networks like Ethereum, Polygon or Optimism.

Imagine a system that operates on different computer networks where users can put their assets and stablecoins to work—introducing you to Angle! A modern and secure digital platform where agEUR, the most traded Euro stablecoin, is the star of the show. You can use crypto assets to buy and borrow agEUR and grow your assets, and with the $ANGLE token, you get to be part of the decision-making process.

Here's a short video on the Angle Protocol and one of the most secure stablecoins, agEUR.

Milestones Achieved

Milestones achieved by Angle Protocol

A robust stablecoin: The main product is agEUR, a decentralized Euro stablecoin. agEUR is the most traded and most liquid Euro stablecoin and the one that offers the most opportunities and pools in Defi. The V2 of Angle is designed to make the backing of agEUR even more resilient and resistant to unforeseen events.

  • Borrow agEUR while earning passive yield: The Angle borrowing platform allows you to borrow agEUR with the crypto you hold. This is interesting because it allows you to put your crypto to work while borrowing agEUR or simply getting leverage on it.
  • Find the best pools to earn fees AND rewards: The Angle incentives platform lists all the current best opportunities to provide liquidity in Defi. This platform lists the concentrated liquidity pools that have reward distributions.

Major challenges

Major challenges of Angle Protocol
  • Despite the Euro being the second most utilized currency globally, Euro stablecoins remain a small fraction of the stablecoin market. 
  • This poses a formidable hurdle for Angle, as it seeks to gain traction in the competitive landscape of stablecoins. 
  • Moreover, there exists a substantial demand for enhanced user-friendliness and Euro-related opportunities within the realm of decentralized finance (Defi).
  • Meeting this demand requires innovative solutions and strategic approaches to provide a seamless experience for users seeking Euro-centric Defi options.

Unique features

Unique features of Angle Protocol
  • Firstly, there's agEUR, a remarkable stablecoin intricately tied to the EURO, ensuring stability and reliability for users. 
  • Secondly, Angle presents an innovative borrowing platform that allows users to leverage fascinating collaterals to obtain agEUR. This opens up exciting possibilities for users seeking flexible borrowing options. 
  • Lastly, the incentives platform stands out as a prime attraction, providing users with access to the most lucrative opportunities for earning trading fees and rewards. By participating in liquidity provision, users can reap impressive rewards while contributing to the network's overall growth.
  • The agEUR is supported by a technological infrastructure called the Transmuter. The transmuter is a set of smart contracts that ensures that the collateralization of agEUR is diversified, and mostly that, in case of unpredictable events affecting agEUR reserves, all agEUR holders be treated fairly and that the system can keep functioning. 

Future Plans

  • Stablecoins today must rise to the occasion, offering their holders more than stability - they should deliver value. For example, some earnings generated by a protocol could flow directly to its stablecoin holders. These earnings could be the interest from bonds held in the protocol's reserves. Angle is preparing to launch similar opportunities in the short term. 
  • Angle's goal goes beyond the conventional. It's here to revolutionize Defi, champion transparency, and lead the way. 
  • As a stablecoin, agEUR is set to redefine standards in Defi. As the most popular Euro stablecoin, it already has a head start, but Angle believes the best is yet to come by providing the best in class in security, scalability, and transparency.
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