Beefy Finance

Beefy Finance

The Multichain Yield Optimizer. The easiest way to earn more crypto.

Are you ready to beef up your crypto holdings and unlock the potential of decentralized finance? Look no further than Beefy Finance, the ultimate yield-farming optimizer that takes your passive income to the next level. 

Important numbers about Beefy Finance

With Beefy, you can maximize your earnings and compound your rewards effortlessly, while enjoying the safety and efficiency of automated investment strategies. Say goodbye to manual optimization and hello to a decentralized, multichain platform that ensures you earn the highest annual percentage yields (APYs) across multiple chains. Whether you're a DeFi newbie or an experienced investor, Beefy Finance is your ticket to financial growth and freedom.

The Journey

Journey of Beefy Finance
  • Beefy launched almost 3 years ago, in September 2020, with its governance token nearly fully distributed in the first month. It reached its peak valuation ($300 million) in the first year and achieved peak TVL ($1.25 billion) shortly after.
  • Upon its launch in 2020, Beefy's Vault underwent a radical reimagination of auto-compounding vaults, with a strong focus on single-strategy optimization. Beefy Vaults achieve significantly more compounding events within the same period than the competition by maintaining simplicity and gas efficiency and integrating market-leading automation technology.
  • In September 2021, the contributor team was reconstituted as the founders retired on their profits. The new team launched the complete V2 UI in early 2022 and has since continued shipping gradual improvements and new chains.
  • By June 2023, Beefy operates on 20 blockchains with over 3,000 vaults deployed.
  • Beyond the core product, Beefy has focused on innovating with UI and UX to make DeFi as easy and accessible for the masses. The UI is one of the very few that offers a seamless experience across different chains, with all the same functionality allowing for complete analysis and comparison of opportunities across all of DeFi.

Future Roadmap

Future roadmap of Beefy Finance

Beefy, as an organization, has consistent plans centered around building. Users are advised against relying on a public roadmap due to the space's dynamic and rapidly growing nature. Predicting developments more than a month or two in advance is challenging. However, Beefy has internal plans, goals, and ideas that can be summarized into three core aims.

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