Besteam is a Football simulation game, “Free-to-play” and “Play-to-Earn”, built on Polygon blockchain with its token (BTEM) and based on NFT. Every single user is a virtual football player with a totally customizable avatar with single features which play a specific role on the pitch.

Welcome to Besteam, the revolutionary 'play to earn' football simulation game set in an immersive metaverse, powered by the Polygon blockchain and fueled by NFTs. Get ready to experience football like never before as you embark on a journey of excitement, competition, and endless possibilities. 

In Besteam, you hold the reins of your destiny as you can form or join football teams and compete to emerge as champions. The game's foundation is built on NFTs, allowing you to personalize your appearances, create unique home grounds, and dive into thrilling 11v11 gameplay.

Challenges Faced

Challenges faced by Besteam
  • Players are virtual soccer players who compete through virtual squads. The biggest challenge will be to promote these realities as real and in the future to make them companies.
  • Global adoption of metaverse by prominent platforms like FIFA and KONAMI presents a significant threat, as Besteam aims to disrupt this duopoly. 
  • Ensuring moderation in the metaverse is crucial to prevent toxic behavior, harassment, and cheating. 
  • Managing large-scale player interactions without compromising performance and accessibility is a key challenge for Besteam in its pursuit of accommodating a massive user base simultaneously.

Proposed Solutions

Unique features and solutions by Besteam
  • The game will be free-to-play similar to the last Konami chapter, with periodic updates to enhance user experience and gameplay. 
  • Micro-transactions within the game will utilize blockchain technology, providing a decentralized economic system and enabling a play-to-earn experience, distinct from the pay-to-win model offered by major competitors. 
  • In-game objects (NFTs) will possess a secondary market and variable value, influenced by internal game/metaverse factors and external factors like limited quantities and exclusivity tied to specific brands or events. 
  • Co-branding opportunities will facilitate sponsorships and mutually beneficial collaborations.

Future Plans

Future roadmap of Besteam
  • Empowering users to customize avatars by trading NFTs within the environment. 
  • Establishing a DAO committee to directly engage users interested in contributing to the project's progress. 
  • Introducing virtual pavilions, commercial areas, and branded events to promote partner companies' new products and foster commerce of digital collectibles.
  • Seeking to expand its network, Besteam seeks participation in accelerators to secure investments and valuable insights for the metaverse's improvement and development.
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