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Crown World

The ultimate incubation hub across multichain platforms, providing a comprehensive ecosystem for nurturing and launching your innovative ideas.

Are you ready to explore a comprehensive hub designed for crypto investors?

A World with a Bounty Platform, DEX, Multi-chain Launchpad, and an NFT Marketplace. Crown World is fostering an ecosystem of wide-ranging Web3 application products. Crown World takes pride in constantly enhancing its service offerings, and now, it introduces an exciting collaboration with LI.FI, a leading-edge bridge and DEX aggregator, revolutionizing the DEX experience.

But that's not all Crown World has to offer. Dive into the world of Web3 projects through the Crown World Launchpad, where high-quality projects are identified and supported, making their mark in the crypto landscape. Plus, immerse yourself in the world of NFTs with Crown World's cutting-edge multichain NFT marketplace.

Crown World overview
  • Crown World Launchpad is a multi-chain launchpad that aims to ensure compatibility with major blockchain networks such as Ethereum, BSC, Cronos, Optimisum, ZkSync, Arbitrum, Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche, APTOS, and Reef Chain.
  • Additionally, Crown World Launchpad offers customizable allocation tiers based on token holdings or other parameters, catering to diverse investor profiles. They plan to integrate StarkNet, Rollux, and ZkSync to enhance scalability, security, and performance.
  • Crown World NFT Marketplace introduces several features to enhance user experience. They integrate a Fiat On-Ramp Payment system, simplifying converting traditional currencies into cryptocurrency for NFT purchases.
  • The marketplace is open to the public, allowing users to explore and participate in NFT trading. Users can log in using familiar methods such as email or Google accounts. They also offer Genesis Badge Minting, granting early believers exclusive minting opportunities and privileges.
  • Crownhood Bounty Platform offers personalized bounty notifications to users. They prioritize customized interest selection, allowing users to set their preferences for the bounties that interest them. Timely updates ensure that users receive notifications about relevant opportunities as soon as they become available on the platform.
  • Crown World DEX (Decentralized Exchange) is now live, allowing users to discover, swap, and transact assets on various chains through a remarkable user experience. Their DEX allows users to route any asset on any chain to the desired asset on the chain.

Major Challenges

Crown World challenges

Crown World tackles these challenges with a variety of solutions. 

  • One of their offerings is Crownhood, a bounty platform designed for beginners to explore opportunities and incentivize their skills. Through Crownhood, individuals can learn and earn by participating in bounties posted by various projects. 
  • Additionally, Crown World has developed Launchpad, which ensures compatibility with major blockchain networks such as Ethereum, BSC, Cronos, Optimism, ZkSync, Arbitrum, Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche, APTOS, and Reef Chain. 
  • This compatibility allows users to seamlessly interact with these networks, facilitating smooth transactions and operations. 
  • Moreover, Crown World offers a decentralized exchange (DEX) that serves as a cross-chain bridge. This DEX enables users to effortlessly discover, swap, and transact assets across different blockchain networks. 
  • Lastly, Crown World has created an NFT Marketplace where users can explore and discover rare digital artworks. The marketplace showcases a diverse mix of artists, genres, styles, and movements, providing an immersive experience for art enthusiasts.

Unique features and technologies introduced

  • The CROWNHOOD community plays a crucial role in shaping our launchpad's operations,
  • To achieve a self-sustainable ecosystem, we use the CROWNHOOD platform, where individuals are rewarded with XP points based on their skills and contributions to the ecosystem through our bounty platform to acquire the most talented individuals.
  • Web3 Projects: Web3 projects can access CROWNHOOD to gain exposure to a wide audience, source required skills from a diverse talent pool of crown hood, and achieve their goals through our ecosystem.
  • Crown World currently has 50+ partnerships and 50+ KOLs.

Future Plans: Roadmap for future development or expansion

Q3 & Q4 2023

Crown World future roadmap

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