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Are you ready to take your web3 growth to new heights and unleash the full potential of your project? Look no further than Intract, the groundbreaking platform where innovation meets unbounded growth. With Intract, you'll gain access to a suite of cutting-edge tools and strategies designed to propel your project forward in the rapidly evolving web3 landscape. 

Experience the power of Intract's comprehensive solutions, meticulously crafted by the foremost growth experts in the industry. From creating groundbreaking ideas to developing new playbooks and recognizing the brightest minds, Intract is your ultimate partner in driving web3 success..

Journey so far:

  • The journey of Intract began on July 20, 2022, when it was founded by Abhishek Anita, Apurv Kaushal, and Sambhav Jain. In that year, Intract embarked on a strategic path, carefully selecting individuals from diverse backgrounds in terms of growth, community, partnerships, and company stage, ranging from seed to unicorn. 
  • As 2023 rolled in, they achieved a major feat with the release of Intract: v4, their highly anticipated growth suite. This powerful suite has successfully served over 100+ projects within the dynamic realms of DeFi, GameFi, and NFT communities. 
  • Running impactful campaigns across a user base of more than 1 million, Intract achieved an impressive growth rate of 1.5x, resulting in substantial progress.
Journey of Intract-2022-2023
  • Furthermore, the average community engagement witnessed a remarkable uptick of over 12%. 
  • In addition to their software accomplishments, Intract established the Intract Growth Podcast, a premier community platform. 
  • This engaging podcast has become the go-to destination for 130+ leaders and enthusiasts alike. Hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with industry experts, the podcast has already released five insightful episodes, with plans for further expansion. The Intract Growth Podcast continues to gain traction and attract a growing audience.

Major Challenges:

  • Intract faces several challenges in its mission to provide sustainable solutions for user acquisition and project growth through its Analytics and Growth Engine based on Quests.
  • One of the key challenges lies in the existing quest space, which often operates on short-term spikes and offers meaningless rewards that foster a hunting behavior among users. This approach fails to build the protocol or project and does not contribute to the promotion of community vibrancy. 
  • Intract addresses this issue by introducing Intelligent Quests, which are supported by Analytics and Attribution. This innovative approach ensures that quests are designed intelligently, with meaningful objectives and rewards, ultimately driving long-term engagement and fostering community growth.
  • By combining analytics, attribution, and a rewards architecture, Intract aims to overcome the challenges associated with traditional quest systems and provide sustainable solutions for user acquisition and project growth.

Unique Features:

Intract boasts a range of unique features that set it apart in the industry. 

  • Firstly, Intract offers an innovative Quest system that stands out for its user-friendly approach. Users can create smart contract quests without any coding knowledge, making it accessible to a wider audience. 
  • Furthermore, the questing feature can be white-labeled on native community web pages, enhancing the branding and customization options for communities. 
  • Intract also provides advanced Analytics & Attribution capabilities. With wallet personas based on portfolio and token/NFT holdings, users can gain valuable insights into their crypto assets.
Unique Features of Intract
  • Moreover, Intract bridges the gap between web2 funnels and web3 actions, enabling end-to-end attribution. This comprehensive approach allows users to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns seamlessly. 
  • Additionally, Intract offers robust community analytics across popular platforms like Discord and Twitter, empowering communities to make data-driven decisions. Intract also simplifies the reward distribution workflow through bulk sending of tokens and NFTs.
  • This streamlined process ensures efficient and hassle-free distribution, while claim flows enhance the overall user experience. 
  • Lastly, Intract integrates zkEVM chain, introducing scalability and privacy benefits to its ecosystem. This integration enhances the performance and security of transactions, providing a seamless experience for users. 

Future planned ahead:

  • Intract has ambitious plans for the future, aiming to expand its platform usage to cater to over 1000+ communities and serve a user base of over 100 million crypto natives. This significant scaling effort will enable Intract to reach a broader audience and make a substantial impact in the crypto space. 
  • Additionally, Intract envisions transforming its current SaaS solution into a permission-less loyalty protocol that bridges the gap between the web3 and web2 paradigms. 
  • This transformation will empower users to leverage the benefits of loyalty programs within both decentralized and centralized ecosystems, fostering widespread adoption and participation. 
Future Roadmap of Intract
  • To enhance its product offerings, Intract has planned notable upgrades. Firstly, deep integration with the Twitter ecosystem is on the horizon, enabling comprehensive Twitter analytics and introducing innovative features like in-tweet quests. 
  • This integration will leverage the power of Twitter's platform to drive engagement and provide a seamless user experience. 
  • Secondly, Intract intends to implement reward smart contracts that promote loyalty among users. These contracts will feature functionalities such as token vesting, on-chain discounts, and other incentives, fostering a sense of loyalty and dedication within the community. 

With these future plans, Intract aims to solidify its position as a leader in the loyalty and engagement space, catering to a vast user base while introducing innovative features and functionalities that align with the evolving needs of the crypto community.

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