A simple and reliable platform that helps you with cryptocurrency tax calculations, reporting, and portfolio management in multiple countries.

Enter the thrilling world of cryptocurrency with Kryptoskatt, the ultimate crypto tax superhero empowering crypto investors worldwide. Brace yourself for a revolutionary platform that tames the complexities of tax compliance, supporting over 2000+ DeFi protocols and unleashing the true potential of your digital assets. Kryptoskatt's monthly user base skyrockets by a jaw-dropping 300%, winning hearts and trust across the globe. Say goodbye to tax woes and hello to a stress-free crypto journey!

Kryptoskatt weaves end-to-end detailed tax reporting and forms generation for users in over 10 countries, while whisking general reports to more than 30 countries. Whether you're a seasoned trader or a daring newcomer, Kryptoskatt's user-friendly interface and intuitive tools will leave you spellbound. Calculate gains, losses, and deductions effortlessly as you embark on your crypto odyssey.

Journey So Far

Journey of Kryptoskatt
  • Kryptoskatt, founded in mid-2020, started as a bootstrapped venture. They launched their first private beta solution in early 2021, followed by a public beta in February 2022. 
  • Attracting customers from over 10 countries and receiving a grant from Telos Network, Kryptoskatt continued to evolve, introducing the Alpha version of their Web Application and Beta version of the Mobile App in November 2022.
  • Its progress and potential were recognized when they were selected as one of the 12 projects out of 900+ applications for the Binance Labs Incubation Program Season-5.
  • Building on this momentum, Kryptoskatt successfully announced its first funding round in June 2023, with strong support from Binance Labs & Gate Labs. 
  • A series of valuable partnerships, collaborating with esteemed projects such as Arbitrum, RocketX, Binance Labs, Gate Labs, SafePal, Telos Foundation, and more.

Major Challenges and solutions

Major challenges faced by Kryptoskatt
  • Navigating the relatively new and ever-changing landscape of crypto taxes and regulations poses a significant challenge across various jurisdictions.
  • Each region has its own set of rules, further complicating matters. To meet this challenge and create a global platform, Kryptoskatt underwent multiple architecture redesigns.
  • Kryptoskatt’s goal was to achieve a highly modular structure, allowing us to handle even the most intricate scenarios while ensuring the platform's scalability.

Value addition and Innovations

  • Presently, Kryptoskatt offers a streamlined approach to Web3 finance on a global scale, providing clients with an extensive array of solutions, including accounting, portfolio management, and tax reporting services.
  • Distinguished as the sole platform in the market, Kryptoskatt supports a vast range of functionalities, including over 2000+ DeFi protocols, 100+ exchanges and wallets, and 50+ blockchains.
  • Kryptoskatt stands out as the ultimate one-stop shop for all Web3 finance needs, as its portfolio management tools encompass DeFi and NFT dashboards, providing comprehensive solutions in a single platform.

Future plans

Future roadmap of Kryptoskatt
  • Kryptoskatt's vision is to build an all-inclusive Web3 finance platform supporting individuals, businesses and institutions in the Web3 industry. 
  • They will expand the coverage to support more integrations and jurisdictions during 2023. 
  • Also, Kryptoskatt will expand its current offerings to Businesses and Crypto Exchanges as well.
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