Liminal’s digital asset management platform is an amalgamation of simplicity and security. Experience a never-before ease of setting up wallets and managing digital assets with ease.

Step into the extraordinary world of Liminal, where digital asset management meets innovation and security coexists with efficiency. As a digital asset wallet and custody infrastructure tailored for enterprises in the web3 space, Liminal takes the spotlight, revolutionizing the crypto landscape like never before. Liminal is not just another player in the digital asset management arena - it is a powerhouse of achievement and trust. With a staggering $6100 million in processed transactions and over $550 million in assets under protection, Liminal has solidified its position as a force to be reckoned with.

Leave your worries at the door because Liminal is here to conquer the challenges of asset management head-on. With a steadfast commitment to core principles encompassing security, sovereignty, support, and scalability, Liminal takes charge, paving the way for a safer and more robust crypto ecosystem. 

Milestones Achieved

Major milestones of Liminal
  • Liminal has processed transactions worth $6100 million on its platform, and they have assets under protection valued at over $550 million. 
  • This has resulted in saving 1000+ CXO hours. Notably, they achieved the esteemed Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) license from the Hong Kong Companies Registry in 2023, establishing themselves as a regulated identity. 
  • Liminal's commitment to security is evident through its CCSS Level 3 certification, the highest standard in wallet keys and operations management, obtained in 2022. 
  • To fortify their security measures, they have secured ISO 27001 and 27701 certifications, as well as SOC 2 Type II certification in the same year. Their dedication to providing top-notch services has led to impressive growth rates. 
  • They have seen their customer base grow annually by 178% CAGR, while their gross revenue from customers has experienced a substantial 73.5% CAGR from Apr 22 to Apr 23. 
  • This growth reflects their focus on simplifying digital asset custody with a plug-and-play wallet infrastructure that prioritizes security, compliance, automation, and efficiency. 
  • Expanding its reach in the APAC and MENA regions, Liminal is rapidly adding to its clientele while providing support for 25+ blockchains. 

Their continuous efforts demonstrate their commitment to delivering exceptional services and maintaining the trust their clients place in them.

Major Challenges

Major challenges faced by Liminal

Liminal is a company committed to addressing challenges in managing digital assets through a proactive approach. They prioritize providing secure and compliant custody solutions that cater to the needs of crypto-native enterprises and institutional players. 

  • Transaction confirmation guarantees: Liminal has calibrated its algorithms to automatically reprocess transactions if stuck or incomplete until they process successfully, thereby guaranteeing transaction confirmation across EVM networks. 
  • Smart refill wallets: Liminal offers a customizable multi-signature wallet application called Smart Refill Wallet, enabling crypto platforms to automate processes and secure their assets. Platforms can set up the Smart Refill wallet by defining the wallet refills parameters, such as the number of refill transactions, the amount per each refill transaction, the threshold limit in a hot wallet to initiate a smart refill, and the cooldown period between each refill. 
  • EVM gas saver: To elevate smart transaction processing through algorithm-based frameworks, Liminal has developed the Gas Fee Saver functionality implemented directly into their wallets. This feature supports major EVM chains and can save fees up to 15%. 
  • Quick deployment of multi-sig and MPC wallets: Liminal's wallet infrastructure is diverse in its compatibility, offering not just the basics but also new-age composable wallets like Multi-Signature and MPC, enhancing security and interoperability simultaneously. 

By combining robust security measures with innovative features, Liminal empowers its clients to manage their digital assets with confidence and efficiency. 

Unique features

Liminal has introduced several unique technologies and features that set them apart in the digital asset management space: 

  • Gas Fee Saver: Liminal's Gas Fee Saver utilizes intelligent algorithms to achieve transaction confirmations with the lowest possible fees, regardless of network status. Users can benefit from predictive fee trend estimation, enabling them to discover the lowest gas fee in advance. The Low ball algorithm automates transaction execution, providing the desired percentage of gas fee savings. With Liminal's Gas Fee Saver, users can save up to 15% on gas fees while ensuring no stuck or lost transactions. 
  • Hot Wallet as a Service: Liminal offers Hot Wallet as a Service, enhancing the security and efficiency of user withdrawals. This feature allows users to utilize Liminal's wallet infrastructure to manage the refill process, ensuring optimum balance in hot withdrawal wallets for seamless withdrawals.
  • Vaults Mobile App: The Liminal Vaults Mobile App, currently available on the iOS platform, is powered by secure Multiparty Computation (MPC) technology. This app empowers crypto-native companies to securely transact on the go, improving organizational efficiency and productivity. It simplifies the transaction signing process and adds an extra layer of authentication for complete control over keys and transactions. 
  • Staking: Liminal offers an institutionalized staking solution in collaboration with Figment. This seamless and secure staking experience allows users to earn passive income and compounding returns with high APYrewards. 
  • Smart Consolidation: Liminal's Smart Consolidation feature revolutionizes digital asset management by streamlining and automating the storage and management of assets. It saves time, reduces transaction fees, and enhances security. 

Future plans

Future roadmap of Liminal
  • In terms of plans, Liminal has set its focus on the APAC and MENA regions, recognizing the tremendous potential in these evolving markets. The company finds the regulatory requirements in many of these regions to be clear and straightforward. 
  • Leveraging its experience in the industry and its developed reputation in these markets, Liminal believes it can serve these regions more effectively than existing solutions that primarily focus on Western regulations. 
  • Having achieved the status of a regulated identity with the Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) license from the Hong Kong Companies Registry, Liminal aims to obtain licenses in several other regions, such as Singapore and UAE. 
  • They are currently in discussions with various businesses in these regions that require compliant and efficient wallet infrastructure. To ensure continuous improvement and innovation, Liminal maintains a dedicated research and product team. 
  • They actively work on product development and incorporate valuable insights from their existing customers to shape their product roadmap. 
  • Going forward, Liminal's focus remains on introducing products and features that enhance efficiencies for their customers while ensuring their wallet operations are robust, compliant, and secure.
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