MOI leverages ISM (Interaction State Machine) which is a state machine replication technology designed for a digitally interconnected society.

MOI: Humanizing the Internet for a Sustainable Future

In this new era of "contextual computation," MOI participants at the core of its approach, fostering equitable, democratic, simple, and sustainable solutions. Unlike traditional technology focusing on networks, MOI emphasizes human-like interactions beyond functional applications and enables genuine connections.

With billions of assets at its disposal, MOI takes a dynamic and general-purpose approach, offering a world that is not static or limited. It paves the way for a digitally interacting world where innovation and progress know no bounds.

The Journey

Journey of MOI
  • To ensure the integrity and security of its network, employs verified node operators and guardian nodes.
  • There are 295 verified node operators and 1,192 guardian nodes on the Indus Testnet, with guardian rewards totaling 2,090,000 MOI tokens.
  • Additionally, the Nakamoto Coefficient, a measure of decentralization, stands at 151 based on a report by Trail Of Bits.
  • As MOI progresses, the Babylon Testnet enters the picture. This incentivized closed testnet accommodates 1,000 verified node operators and 2,000 guardian nodes, with guardian rewards potentially reaching up to 36 million MOI tokens.

Challenges Faced

  • The challenge posed by traditional blockchains lies in their linear and monolithic nature, which restricts scalability. 
  • However, a promising solution emerges in the form of personalizing trust requirements for each user and preserving their states in individual chains. 
  • By adopting this approach, the blockchain can overcome scalability limitations and create a more efficient and tailored user experience.

This innovative solution marks a significant step forward in the evolution of blockchain technology, unlocking its true potential and opening new possibilities for widespread adoption and application.

Unique Features

Unique features of MOI

In the realm of unique features, MOI introduces two innovative concepts. 

  • The M-DAG is a cutting-edge data structure designed to effectively manage participant states. Alongside this capability, MOI empowers the creation of locally defined token economies, fostering a dynamic and decentralized ecosystem. 
  • MOI implements Modulated Trust, a novel consensus mechanism that swiftly settles transactions, ensuring near-instantaneous processing. 
  • This mechanism also leverages the Network's topologic entropy to enable context awareness, enhancing the overall efficiency and adaptability of the system. 

With these distinctive features, MOI stands as a pioneering solution, revolutionizing the way data is managed and transactions are conducted within a decentralized framework.

Future Plans

Future roadmap of MOI

The plans of MOI, as a developer-oriented platform, revolve around four key pillars. 

  • It aims to enhance Developer Onboarding by streamlining the process of bringing new developers into the ecosystem. 
  • MOI is focused on Validator Expansion, seeking to bolster its network's security and decentralization by encouraging more validators to participate.
  • It is gearing up for an exciting Token Launch, a significant milestone in its development. This event will mark the introduction of its native cryptocurrency, enabling various use cases within the ecosystem and facilitating community-driven governance. 
  • Lastly, MOI's visionary plans involve driving Ecosystem Growth to foster a vibrant and sustainable environment. 
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