It is a decentralized ecosystem and blockchain technology that ensures the integrity and provenance of digital media by tracking and securely storing changes made to assets, facilitating collaboration, and providing transparent records of ownership and historical data.

Step into the world of Numbers Protocol, the asset-driven protocol that revolutionizes the way we experience digital media. With its innovative process, Numbers Protocol makes digital media traceable and verifiable like never before. By harnessing the power of capture, seal, and trace, this groundbreaking protocol provides authenticity certifications and traceable records, safeguarding the integrity and ownership of digital media. 

Fueling this technological marvel is the mighty blockchain, as Numbers Protocol leverages its decentralized and transparent nature to create a platform that manages digital content and assets seamlessly.

But, Numbers Protocol doesn't stop there. It introduces multi-layer images and videos with on-chain provenance, elevating the traceability and security of digital content to unprecedented heights.

The Journey

Journey of Numbers Protocol -2018-2023
  • October 2018: Numbers Protocol is founded to revolutionize digital content/asset management and data privacy. The platform utilizes blockchain technology and traditional cryptography approaches to ensure the authenticity and traceability of digital media.
  • December 2021: Numbers Protocol forms a partnership with, a decentralized Photo Network for Web 3.0, to enhance the traceability and security of digital content.
  • February 2023: Numbers Protocol's native token (NUM) starts trading live on, enabling users to buy, sell, and trade NUM with various fiat currencies.
  • March 2023: Numbers Protocol conducts a Proof of Concept to authenticate the first Music NFT on its platform. The launch artist is Wilczynski, a talented LoFi artist from Baden, Germany.

The team at Numbers has been actively forging partnerships around the globe, led by its founder, Tammy Yang. Advocating the use of blockchain technology to tackle real-world issues, such as data ownership and integrity is what makes Numbers one of the pioneers of the Web3 space.

Major Challenges

Major Challenges of Numbers Protocol
  • Ensuring Authenticity and Provenance: With the rise of AI-generated content, identifying the creators and verifying the accuracy of digital works became challenging. Numbers Protocol addresses this issue using a capture, seal, and trace approach, providing authenticity certifications and traceable records for data and content.
  • Copyright Infringement and Piracy: Numbers Protocol aims to combat music piracy and copyright infringement through innovative processes, such as authenticating Music NFTs on its platform.
  • Lack of Traceability and Verifiability: In the centralized world, digital content needs more traceability and verifiability. Numbers Protocol tackles this challenge by leveraging blockchain technology and multi-layer images/videos with on-chain provenance to keep content traceable and secure Numbers Protocol Value Addition.

Unique features or technologies introduced

  • Capture, Seal, and Trace Approach: Numbers Protocol utilizes a capture, seal, and trace approach to provide authenticity certifications and traceable records for data and content. This approach ensures the integrity and ownership of digital media.
  • Blockchain Technology: Numbers Protocol leverages blockchain technology to create a decentralized and transparent digital content/asset management platform. Blockchain enables trust, immutability, and verifiability of digital media.
  • Multi-Layer Images and Videos: Numbers Protocol introduces multi-layer images and videos with on-chain provenance, enhancing the traceability and security of digital content.

Future Roadmap

Future Roadmap of Numbers Protocol
  • The future roadmap of Number Protocol focuses on advancements in numerical systems. Development of advanced number formats for precise and efficient calculations. 
  • Application of these formats in fields like AI, quantum computing, and simulations. Integration of Number Protocol into blockchain and decentralized finance for secure transactions involving numerical data. 
  • Collaboration among developers and researchers to expand numerical system capabilities. A revolutionized landscape where numbers play a central role in shaping technology and scientific exploration.
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