Secure DeFi App with simplified Earn opportunities. Swap thousands of tokens across multiple chains. Own your crypto with self-custody! With Okto, instantly trade 2500+ tokens across multiple chains and access 500+ liquidity pools. Stake your crypto and earn double digit returns. Access the best of DeFi on a single app!

Step into the world of decentralized finance with Okto, the groundbreaking all-in-one Self-Custodial Wallet that has redefined the DeFi landscape. Seamlessly blending the simplicity of CeFi with the vast possibilities of DeFi, Okto offers users access to thousands of tokens across various DEXs, empowering them to explore vetted investment opportunities like never before.

Created by a team of visionary Indian builders with a global vision, Okto hit the ground running, making its debut in India in January 2023. After gaining immense popularity and trust, it spread its wings and took the world by storm, launching globally in June 2023. 

But what truly sets Okto apart is its cutting-edge technology. This game-changer in the industry boasts a patent-pending AI-based system that guarantees unmatched security and protection against DeFi wallet compromises and frauds. Its advanced cognitive AI technology enables adaptive and continuous authentication, keeping a vigilant eye on every transaction in real-time. This means no suspicious activity goes unnoticed, and fraudulent transactions are thwarted before they can even take root. The speed and efficiency of this real-time security check are unparalleled, outshining any other product on the market.

Major challenges and solutions

Major challenges faced by Okto
  • Discovering Opportunities: Finding earning opportunities with the right risk understanding is difficult.
  • Complicated Access: From multiple wallets to self-management of private keys, it is tedious to access DeFi.
  • Control & Safety: Managing private keys and safe-keeping of funds is inconvenient.

Okto overcomes these challenges by offering:

  • The Best of DeFi: Earn by trading thousands of tokens and deposit idle funds to high-yield generating pools.
  • Uncomplicating DeFi: Easily navigate DeFi with keyless access, thanks to our seamless user interface.
  • Security & Control: MPC technology provides high security and complete user control
  • Truly multi-chain: Aggregating the best opportunities from multiple chains and protocols.

Unique technology or features introduced

Unique features of Okto
  • In addition to the ground-breaking patent-pending AI technology, Okto further leverages cutting-edge, custom-built, consensus-driven Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology. This remarkable approach ensures that private keys used to access and control funds remain safeguarded and never fully exposed, thereby eliminating the risk of a single point of failure. 
  • Okto goes above and beyond by offering a host of optimizations to handle diverse failure scenarios, resulting in an impressive near 100% transaction success rate. This commitment to seamless functionality ensures a smooth and reliable user experience.
  • Moreover, Okto incorporates an in-built gas optimization service that operates seamlessly across various chains. This unique feature allows users to conveniently pay gas fees in any token, enhancing transaction efficiency and convenience significantly. With Okto, users can expect an unparalleled level of security, reliability, and user-friendliness, making it a standout platform in the world of DeFi.

Future Plans

Future roadmap of Okto
  • The Okto team is driven by a relentless passion for pushing the boundaries of technology in the Web3 realm. Our unwavering commitment is to establish a DeFi ecosystem that is not only secure but also accessible to all. Our overarching mission centers on democratizing self-custody, making it more user-friendly and fortified.
  • To achieve this mission, they have developed an intuitive mobile platform that empowers users to explore a vast array of tokens across multiple DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges). Regardless of their technical expertise, users can seamlessly navigate the platform, accessing thousands of tokens and uncovering high-yield opportunities.
  • At Okto, they believe in fostering a future where self-custody is a viable option for everyone, as they continue to pave the way towards a more inclusive and secure DeFi landscape.
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