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QuillAudits:Securing the Future of Web3

Are you looking to safeguard your Blockchain projects and ensure the utmost security in the Web3 space? Look no further than QuillAudits, the leading smart contract audit firm. Trust QuillAudits to fortify your projects and embark on a secure journey into the world of Web3.

QuillAudits offers comprehensive security assessments tailored to diverse Web3 projects. Their expertise spans multiple blockchains and protocols, allowing them to deliver a wide range of services. But that's not all! QuillAudits also specializes in consulting for the development of secure and efficient platforms, continuously pioneering security advancements in the Web3 landscape.

Journey and Milestones

Journey and Milestones of QuillAudits
  • The journey of QuillAudits started in 2018 and revolved around safeguarding the trust framework. 
  • QuillAudits was founded by Preetam Rao and Rajat Gahlot with an aim to ensure safety for Web3 ventures worldwide and helping them get an edge from their competitors.
  • QuillAudits has made remarkable progress in the development of its platform and has audited over 850 Web3 projects and conducted thorough reviews of more than 800K lines of code.
  • QuillAudits has safeguarded billions of dollars in investor funds and have showcased its unwavering dedication in securing the rapidly growing Web3 ecosystem.
  • Moving forward, QuillAudits next target is to audit over 1500 Web3 projects by the end of 2023, further reinforcing its commitment to enhance the industry’s safety.

Major challenges and solutions

Major Challenges of QuillAudits
  • The Web3 space faces a significant hurdle in the form of a rising number of security breaches, which leads to a staggering loss of 4 billion dollars due to hacks in 2022 alone. QuillAudits addresses this challenge by delivering Web3 cybersecurity solutions, including smart contract auditing and by leveraging its expertise, it has successfully secured a cumulative total of 16+billion dollars.
  • QuillAudits proficiency lies in the identification of high and mid-level vulnerabilities, providing comprehensive reports on resolving critical issues.
  • Additionally, it has actively promoted user awareness and responsible behavior through its educational platform named QuillAcademy and also have upcoming product launches aimed at further mitigating security risks.

Future plans

Future Roadmap of QuillAudits
  • With the ongoing impressive expansion of Web3 ecosystem, QuillAudits is committed to extending its services to ensure the security of booth emerging and established protocols
  • Its prime objective is to maintain its leadership in Web3 security, offering its clients state-of-the-art solutions that align with the latest advancements in the industry
  • QuillAudits is actively engaged in the development and launch of new security tools and protocols tailored to meet the diverse requirements of the Web3 community.
  • Furthermore, its dedication towards enhancing user education through QuillAcademy remains unwavering, thus, empowering individuals to navigate the decentralized internet with increased confidence and enhanced security.
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