The future of social interactions! Revolutionizing digital connections with unique features, hassle-free account recovery, and the innovative Degen score. 700+ active users and 10,000+ waitlist members showcase its immense growth potential.

Welcome to the future of social interactions! Rariko is breaking boundaries and transforming the way we connect online. With its unique set of features, Rariko is revolutionizing the digital social landscape, placing the power back into the hands of its users.

Say goodbye to the fear of losing your digital identity. Rariko ensures a hassle-free account recovery process, allowing you to regain access to your account effortlessly. But that's just the beginning. Rariko introduces an innovative concept known as the Degen score, an on-chain reputation system. Your social influence and reputation are quantified and stored on the blockchain, allowing you to showcase your credibility and build a strong digital presence.

The numbers speak for themselves. With 700+ active users already engaged in Rariko's beta stage and a waitlist exceeding 10,000 members, the platform has garnered strong interest and displays immense potential for rapid growth.

The journey so far

Journey of Rariko
  • Rariko embarked on its journey in early 2022 as a web3 messaging app but soon underwent a transformative shift to become an Ethereum-based social media layer.
  • Despite facing challenges during the bear market of 2022, the team demonstrated adaptability and successfully pivoted their strategy. 
  • They launched a beta version of their messaging app, catering to a select group of users. 
  • Building on this momentum, Rariko has now partnered with the Telangana state government to prioritize the establishment of a regulatory framework for decentralized and anonymous social media platforms. 
  • This collaboration highlights their commitment to responsible and secure interactions within the evolving landscape of web3 communication. Users now conver these in bullet points

Major challenges and solutions

Challenges faced by Rariko
  • The 2022 Bear market posed considerable challenges for Rariko in its fundraising efforts. But, despite the difficulties, it demonstrated perseverance and resilience, using the market downturn as an opportunity to refine their product
  • The Beta launch played a crucial role in gathering valuable user feedback, which revealed a distinct demand for an interoperable real-time social media protocol
  • In response to this insight, Rariko made a strategic pivot, recognizing the importance of addressing this need to align their product with the evolving requirements of the market
  • This adaptive approach showcases its commitment to delivering a solution that resonates with the users and ensures the platform’s long-term success

Future Plans

Future roadmap of Rariko
  • Rariko plans to become the leading social graph in the industry, facilitating seamless transactions between decentralized applications(Dapps) and metaverse experiences. 
  • The company’s expansion plan prioritizes addressing onboarding challenges to ensure easy and user-friendly access to Web3 applications.
  • By prioritizing user-friendly access, Rariko aims to ensure that individuals can easily explore and engage with Web3 applications. This approach encourages broader adoption and participation within the Web3 ecosystem
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