Revoke Cash

Revoke Cash

Manage your token approvals and protect yourself from scams on 40+ chains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon.

REVOKE: Take Back Control of Your Wallet

Ever felt uneasy about permitting dapps to spend your tokens and NFTs on your behalf? With, you can regain control over your wallet's security and privacy. Whether you want to swap tokens or manage your allowances, provides a convenient solution to inspect, revoke, and update your token approvals.

Users can use to raise walls between their wallets and the Web3 Dapp ecosystem trying to handle tokens and NFT assets on their behalf. Developers can implement vaults to keep smart contract assets safe by requiring approval before allowances run automatically.

The Journey

Journey of Revoke Cash

  • was initially created in October of 2019 by Rosco Kalis after attending Devcon 5 in Osaka, where he discussed token approvals with Paul Berg, the creator of the DeFi project Sablier. Initially, Rosco supported as a side project while working for other crypto companies.
  • In 2021, Rosco added support for revoking NFT approvals, coinciding with the rapid rise of NFTs.
  • In early 2022, was expanded to support multiple blockchain networks, eventually reaching over 40 supported networks to date.
  • In July 2022, Rosco developed Browser Extension as a response to the increasing number of scams in the cryptocurrency space. Around the same time, he decided to dedicate himself full-time to
  • In early 2023, a comprehensive overhaul of the website was released, resulting in improved flexibility for adding more features and enhancing the overall user experience.

What makes Revoke stand out?

While the underlying technology of may not be groundbreaking, Rosco Kalis believes that the innovation lies in making its functionality accessible to the general public. When was initially developed in 2019, some hackathon projects focused on approvals, but no established projects like at that time.

Furthermore, when support for NFTs was added and later introduced multi-chain support, no other projects offered these features. stood out as one of the pioneers in providing such functionalities. Similarly, with the creation of the browser extension, although there were existing extensions with similar capabilities, became one of the earliest to support all EVM chains seamlessly.

Rosco's vision was to make managing approvals more accessible and user-friendly, which sets apart as an innovative solution in the market.

Major hurdles along the way

Challenges faced by Revoke Cash

What can we expect in the future?

Rosco Kalis is actively exploring potential business models for Some of the planned features in the pipeline include a stronger emphasis on risk analysis, monitoring, and notifications. These additions aim to provide users with enhanced tools for assessing and managing their exposure to potential risks.

Future roadmap of Revoke Cash

Additionally, he envisions incorporating more educational content and security research tools into This expansion will enable users to access valuable resources and stay informed about the latest developments in the crypto space.

Furthermore, there is a continuous focus on making incremental quality-of-life improvements for This involves enhancing performance, expanding support for additional chains, and implementing user-friendly enhancements to provide a seamless experience.

By incorporating these planned features and exploring sustainable business models, Rosco aims to ensure the long-term growth and viability of

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