Safle is pioneering non-custodial, multi-chain wallet and blockchain infrastructure for the decentralized ecosystem.

Imagine a networking ecosystem designed to facilitate awareness and adoption of future-based technologies. Safle Network offers non-custodial wallets, wallet as a service, blockchain infrastructure as a service, and identity management as a service.

The Journey so far:

- Safle Network was founded in 2019 to give people their privacy and security back and was nurtured with a vision of having a self sovereign identity.
- In 2020, it started working and developing upon the ideas and putting them across to the community they have been catering with a goal to make a change.

Journey of Safle 2019-2022

- In 2020, it laid the foundation of a non-custodial open source wallet and web3 infrastructure. The first version of safleID wallets and also ran Ethereum technical workshops in over 60 universities focussed to computer science engineers.
- In 2020, it created SDK’s and packages on Node package managers to be used by other dApp developers to integrate safleID wallets and keyless.
- In 2021, SafleID smart contract was deployed on Ethereum and Matic mainnet. During the same year, it launched Beta to community members and early adopters

Major Challenges Faced on the way:-

Challenges Faced by Safle

Safle’s approach to these challenges:

A community governed holistic infrastructure tool stack for an interoperable web3 for managing identity, accounts, data both on and off chain that is highly accessible and unbiased to all web3 stakeholders. 

●      Simple, Secure multichain Wallet and portfolio management interface.

●      Integrated auxiliary services for better UX on wallet.

●      Open source and community driven development of core stacks.

●      Self-Sovereign Identity creation and management.

●      Unified Data pipelines for both onchain & offchain data.

●      Low Code developer tools to ease blockchain application development.

What sets Safle apart?

  • SafleID - A multichain naming infrastructure advancing towards SSI and on-chain identity assertions.
  • Safle Vault - An open-source, platform agnostic, multichain key management infrastructure built with 7 layers of encryption.
  • Safle Wallet Stack - Application stack encompassing web application, Mobile Application and Browser Extension providing users with holistic portfolio management and auxiliary features like on/off-ramp, multichain/crosschain swaps, deFi access & NFT management.
  • Keyless - A wallet and web3 provider SDK built for dApps to let safle users use their wallets on dapps. this uses safle vault for security and lets the user login to dapps by just using their safleID and password.
  • openAPI - A suite of offchain and onchain data APIs with high availability, consistency and right developer support for developers to build applications consuming cryptocurrency and blockchain data.

Future Plans

  • Integrate Account Abstraction into Safle to improve and optimize the UI/UX and introduce a new line of features. 
  • Support for multiple chains like BSC, Arbitrum, Optimism, Velas, Mantle etc.
  • Introducuction of premium features like dApp Browser, Earn Module and Multi Sig on the Safle WebApp and release the Safle Webapp.
Future Plans Of Safle

Develop Safle Pro - A social project(NFT based loyalty) with an ethos that ties people and communities across the globe together. It’s an exclusive offers application gated by NFT memberships and a Partner Dashboard to create web3 based offers and Utility Linked NFTs for brands (NFT Loyalty Programs).

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