From action-packed shooters to immersive RPGs, from one-of-a-kind avatars to exclusive virtual real estate, Trikon aggregates all your favourite gaming NFT collections. The platform is updated regularly with new releases and popular titles, so you'll never run out of options. Trikon's vision is to create a gaming ecosystem that empowers gamers to reach new heights of achievement, discovery and fulfilment.

Step into a world where gaming meets innovation, where entertainment blends seamlessly with sustainability – welcome to Trikon! In the realm of online gaming platforms, Trikon stands out as a true trailblazer. Trikon's ingenious solution simplifies authentication, paving the way for gamers to delve into the exciting world of crypto assets across multiple chains.

Their P2P trading hub revolutionizes the gaming landscape by empowering players to engage in direct in-game asset trading, fostering both ownership and value creation. Complementing these advancements, their Web3 game store offers a meticulously curated selection of immersive experiences that harness the potential of decentralized technology.

Milestones achieved

Milestones achieved by Trikon
  • Building a team that shares a common purpose is an essential step in any platform's development journey. Trikon has achieved precisely this, assembling a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to laying the foundation for their innovative products.
  • Trikon's journey has been marked by remarkable achievements that underscore their commitment to innovation and community engagement. 
  • Their social media presence has surged by an impressive 85%+, cultivating a robust community of over 10,000 members across various social and community channels. 
  • With an unwavering dedication to fostering connections, Trikon has orchestrated an impressive lineup of 80+ online and offline events. 
  • These events have not only showcased their collaborative spirit but also resulted in meaningful partnerships with over 25 projects, laying the groundwork for co-marketing and co-technical development. 
  • A significant leap forward came with the acquisition of India's first Metaverse/VR-enabled gaming café, propelling Trikon into a new realm of immersive experiences.
  • Their existing Web2 games boast an impressive 1 million active users, a user base that will seamlessly transition into the Web3 era with Trikon.

As they continue to push boundaries and redefine gaming, Trikon's achievements stand as a testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Unique Features

Unique features of Trikon

Trikon’s innovative product suite comprises a smart wallet, a dynamic P2P in-game asset trading hub, and a cutting-edge Web3 game store. With the account-abstracted wallet, users experience seamless and secure management of their digital assets, abstracting the complexities of blockchain accounts.

  • A standout innovation is the Trikon vault, a groundbreaking ERC4337-enabled wallet that positions Trikon at the forefront of the Web3 movement. This wallet takes on an account abstraction approach, functioning as a Smart Contract Wallet with the capacity to own and manage balances, execute code, and engage with other accounts.
  • Trikon's Smart Wallet streamlines user interactions by concealing the intricate aspects of blockchain accounts. This innovative wallet boasts a user-friendly interface, fortified security measures, simplified transaction processes, and a minimized learning curve.
  • Trikon's Web3 peer-to-peer (P2P) in-game asset trading hub presents a multitude of benefits poised to transform the gaming sector and embolden gamers. This platform ensures worldwide accessibility, empowers players, holds economic significance by enabling monetization for developers, and introduces pioneering business models to the industry.
  • The Trikon Game Store, a Web3 App Store, provides several notable advantages when contrasted with conventional platforms like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Trikon's marketplace further distinguishes the platform with AI-driven analytics, creating an environment where transactions seamlessly integrate with gaming experiences. The integration between games and the Trikon vault streamlines in-game transactions, eliminating the need for navigating multiple signing pop-ups. 
  • To foster interactions within the community, Trikon introduces a decentralized chat system within the vaults. This secure and anonymous chat system promotes engagement and collaboration, enhancing the sense of community within the Trikon ecosystem.

Goals & Objectives

Goals and objectives of Trikon

Trikon's program is guided by a strategic vision aimed at reshaping the gaming industry through state-of-the-art technology and user-centric innovation. The subsequent goals and objectives delineate the mission of Trikon concerning the account-abstracted wallet, P2P in-game asset trading hub, and Web3 game store: 

  • Empowerment of Ownership and Accessibility: Trikon endeavors to create and implement an intuitive account-abstracted wallet that simplifies interactions with blockchain, facilitating users in effectively managing their digital assets. 
  • Transformation of Asset Trading: Trikon seeks to establish a sturdy and secure P2P in-game asset trading hub, allowing players to directly engage in the purchase, sale, and exchange of virtual items. This will foster an open and dynamic marketplace environment. 
  • Curation of Innovative Game Experiences: Trikon plans to curate a diverse and captivating selection of Web3 games in its game store. These titles will showcase the potential of blockchain technology to enhance gameplay. Collaboration with developers will be encouraged to generate pioneering decentralized games that push the boundaries of interactive entertainment. 
  • Promotion of Economic Opportunities: Trikon aims to empower players to monetize their abilities and assets by participating in the P2P trading ecosystem, contributing to a flourishing and self-sustaining gaming economy. Moreover, developers will be provided with fresh revenue streams through equitable revenue-sharing models and incentives for crafting engaging, blockchain-enabled gaming experiences. 
  • Enhancement of User Trust and Security: Trikon prioritizes user security and data privacy. This will be achieved by utilizing blockchain's transparent nature and cryptographic features, ensuring secure transactions and ownership of assets.
  • Engagement and Collaboration within the Community: Trikon endeavors to cultivate a vibrant and active user community through interactive features, integration with social platforms, and incentives for enthusiastic involvement within the ecosystem. Collaboration with players, developers, and industry stakeholders will be emphasized to consistently refine and evolve the program in line with the evolving demands and trends of the gaming sphere. 

Through these comprehensive goals and objectives, Trikon is poised to reshape the gaming industry, ushering in a new era characterized by ownership, innovation, and collaboration, benefitting players, developers, and enthusiasts on a global scale.

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