Ultimate Digits

Ultimate Digits

Ultimate Digits is a product that offers virtual mobile numbers as NFTs. Mobile numbers are already the most frequently-shared personal identifier. They are also the world’s largest social graph.

Step into the future of digital identity with Ultimate Digits, a cutting-edge platform poised to revolutionize the Web3 era. Embracing the principles of decentralization, individual liberty, and privacy, Ultimate Digits is here to redefine your online experience, granting you unprecedented control and security. 

Gone are the days of generic usernames; Ultimate Digits unleashes the true potential of personalized phone number-based Web3 usernames, elevating your digital presence to new heights. Embrace the power of a distinctive, enduring, and self-sovereign digital identity that celebrates your uniqueness in the vast social graph.

The journey so far

Journey of Ultimate Digits
  • The journey of Ultimate Digits began in February 2023. In March, a fully functional prototype was developed by Ultimate Digits during the Miami NFT week Hackathon
  • In April, Ultimate Digits gained significant exposure and promotion at prestigious events such as NFT LA, Miami NFT Week, NFT.NYC, and Consensus. 
  • The founders actively engaged with attendees during these events, sparking conversations and generating a waitlist of more than 1700 beta users. Through in-person interactions and word-of-mouth referrals, the community's interest and anticipation for Ultimate Digits grew steadily.
  • In June 2023, Ultimate Digits achieved a major milestone with the completion of its Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  •  The remarkable progress caught the attention of Binance, resulting in Ultimate Digits being selected for the BNB Chain Incubator program, a prestigious opportunity provided by Binance to support and nurture promising blockchain projects. 

Challenges Faced

Challenges Faced by Ultimate Digits
  • While not everyone possesses the domain, it is ubiquitous for individuals to have a phone number. Remarkably, phone numbers comprise the most extensive social graph, with a staggering count of 5.8 Billion compared to the mere 320 million domains. Given this significant disparity, one might question why phone numbers are not commonly adopted as Web3 usernames
  • Ultimate Digits offers a groundbreaking solution that transforms the user’s real world-phone numbers into wallet addresses. This integration enables users to access a wide range of features, such as decentralized voice-over (VOIP) services and Web3 transaction alerts delivered through text messages.
  • For Individuals concerned about privacy, Ultimate Digits provides virtual Web3 phone numbers in the form of Non-fungible tokens, which can be utilized across the entirety of the Ultimate Digits Platform.
  • In 9 countries, over 2 Billion people remain unbanked but two-thirds of them are phone users. This poses the second challenge why not leverage Cryptocurrencies to provide financial inclusion for these individuals rather than relying on traditional banking institutions?
  • Through its innovative approach, Ultimate Digits provides auto-created self-custodial wallets (ERC4337) that are seamlessly linked to users' Web3 phone numbers. Leveraging USSD codes such as *999# -Rariko enables users to effortlessly send and receive Cryptocurrencies, as well as check their account balances, all without a dedicated mobile application.
  • This method aligns with a prevalent practice in Southeast Asia, where phone numbers are already utilized as substitutes for bank account numbers in bank transfers. Similarly, in Africa, Hash-key based money transfers without apps have gained popularity, for example, M-Pesa
  • To address the challenge of cash-to-crypto onramps, Ultimate Digits is implementing a solution inspired by the Telecom industry’s approach, which involves selling scratch-off vouchers at retail locations. This approach ensures that individuals without traditional banking services can conveniently access and engage with Cryptocurrencies, fostering financial inclusion and empowerment.

Unique Features

  • Phone Number as Crypto Wallet: Users' phone numbers serve as their crypto wallets, eliminating the need for lengthy addresses or ENS domains. Seamless deposits for registered users, and unregistered users receive transaction notifications and sign-up links via text messages.
  • Self-Custodial Wallet Creation and Integration: Ultimate Digits creates secure self-custodial wallets for users without existing crypto wallets. The integration allows users to link their existing wallets to their phone numbers.
  • Virtual Mobile Numbers as NFTs for Web3 Identity: Virtual mobile numbers as NFTs provide privacy and convenience for sending and receiving payments. Users can purchase customizable Web3 mobile numbers starting with a unique +999 country code.
  • Decentralized VOIP for Privacy: Utilizes wireless mesh network technology for wallet-to-wallet voice calls, ensuring privacy. Users have control over incoming voice spam and communication purposes.
  • Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Advanced MFA with knowledge-based, possession-based, and inherence-based verification. Establishes a robust security framework, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and fraud.
  • Another feature provided by Ultimate Digits is Secure messaging. Their team is currently developing a secure peer-to-peer (p2p) messenger utilizing a customized version based on Molly, which itself is a fork of Signal.

Future plans

Future Roadmap of Ultimate Digits
  • Ultimate Digits has gathered a community of over 1700 beta users eagerly waiting to try it out. 
  • Soon, it will be launching its minimum viable product (MVP), enabling individuals to utilize Ultimate Digits for seamless payments using their mobile numbers. Furthermore, users will have the opportunity to claim vanity/VIP virtual Web3 numbers through the MVP.
  • Ultimate Digits is looking forward to the Binance incubator demo day, where it will have the chance to present its vision and demonstrate the value of Ultimate Digits to potential partners.
  • It remains committed to accelerating its development efforts and delivering features at a rapid pace.
  • Ultimate Digits is also seeking partnerships with other Web3 products within the ecosystem and have plans to release an MVP for its developer platform, allowing other developers to build on top of its infrastructure.
  • This strategic move will effectively transform Ultimate Digits into a super app, expanding its capabilities and empowering developers to create innovative solutions on its platform.
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