Umojalands system gives access to farmland and formal financial services in Africa. The system aims to ensure food security, fair trade, and financial inclusion for smallholder farmers in Africa.

Welcome to the world of Umojalands, where cutting-edge technology meets agricultural innovation. Umojalands is a groundbreaking platform that aims to revolutionize the way microfinance institutions connect with farmers and mitigate lending risks using satellite imagery and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Umojalands is an agri-based TradFi startup that is driven to reduce the financing deficit of marginalized smallholder farmers in the emerging rural economies of Africa using inclusive financial products and Blockchain technology. In context, the coffee we all drink was probably produced by 1 of the 33 million African rural smallholder farmers who typically receive less than 5% of the global 500-billion-dollar coffee industry

The Journey

  • The journey of Umojalands began in March 2022 when they embarked on their mission to revolutionize the agricultural landscape. 
  • Starting with the development of a prototype that aimed to tokenize commodities, Umojalands laid the foundation for their innovative platform.
  • By December 2022, Umojalands reached a significant milestone as they opened their testnet internally, allowing for rigorous testing and fine-tuning of their system. 
  • This internal testing phase served as a crucial step in ensuring the stability, functionality, and security of the platform before its public launch.
Journey of UmojaLands from 2022-23
  • In February 2023, Umojalands achieved another significant breakthrough when they successfully launched their mainnet. This marked the official introduction of their core-banking platform for microfinance, enabling digital connectivity to farmer data and derisking lending using satellite imagery and AI. 
  • With the mainnet up and running, Umojalands was ready to make a tangible impact on the lives of farmers and financiers.
  • Continuing their commitment to innovation and resilience, Umojalands made the strategic decision to decentralize their system. By breaking down the system into different modules, they ensured that in the event of a fault or failure in one attribute, the rest of the system would continue to function seamlessly. 
  • This decentralized approach added an extra layer of reliability and robustness to their platform, enhancing its overall stability and resilience.

Throughout their journey, Umojalands has remained steadfast in their dedication to leveraging technology and data to address the funding gap faced by smallholders, combat food insecurity, and empower farmers and financiers. With their modular and decentralized system in place, Umojalands is well-positioned to drive sustainable agricultural practices and foster economic growth, making a lasting impact on the agricultural landscape.

Major Challenges and Solutions:

Umojalands faces several major challenges and has devised solutions to overcome them:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Umojalands is actively engaging in a Regulatory Sandbox with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and the National Bank of Rwanda to establish a controlled environment that fosters regulatory understanding and support.
  • Market Insecurity and Decentralization: Umojalands recognizes the lack of knowledge and understanding about blockchain technology among market participants. To address this, they are conducting extensive educational campaigns to increase awareness and promote the benefits and security measures of their platform.
Major Challenges and Solutions
  • Sustainability in a Volatile Regulatory Environment: Umojalands plans to establish their headquarters in a jurisdiction with a more stable regulatory environment to ensure long-term sustainability, especially as they venture into DeFi lending.
  • Perception of Warehousing for Large-Scale Farmers: Umojalands aims to dispel the perception that warehousing is only for large-scale farmers through robust awareness campaigns and educational initiatives. They emphasize the benefits and opportunities that warehousing can bring to smallholder farmers.
  • Reputational Risk and Trust-building: Umojalands acknowledges the challenges faced by the Web3/Crypto and Blockchain industry in terms of reputation. They are committed to becoming a trusted and reliable name in the industry through consistent delivery, strong partnerships, and gaining significant traction.

Umojalands is determined to tackle these challenges head-on, implementing proactive measures and collaborating with stakeholders to create a secure and compliant ecosystem that supports the growth and success of farmers and other participants in the agricultural value chain.

Unique Approach:

  • Bringing multiple stakeholders on a single platform that is powered by Blockchain Technology
  • Embedding Logistics to the Financing platform to cover the entire lifecycle of a smallholder farmer and making their lives easier – something not a competitor is doing at this time.
Unique Approach of UmojaLands
  • Using a combination of Enterprise and Public L1 blockchain networks to tie TradFi and DeFi
  • Holistic approach to multi-party system development which seeks to keep the system up and running should a single component fail to perform well. This removes a lot of dependencies on one system and for the nature of what we are building makes it even easier to troubleshoot and to recovery plans.


  • Umojalands has gained significant traction in its journey, marked by impactful collaborations and partnerships. Presently, the platform works closely with over 21,000 farmers in Zimbabwe, establishing a strong network within the agricultural community. 
  • Additionally, Umojalands has formed a partnership with the Agriculture and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) in Zimbabwe, which serves as the custodian for over 1.2 million households and manages 98,000 hectares of agricultural land.
  • Expanding its reach beyond Zimbabwe, Umojalands has secured a strategic partnership in Ghana. This collaboration involves prominent ecosystem players such as USAID, Redy Commodities Ltd, Ghana Commodities Exchange, Stanbic Bank, and Ecobank.
  •  Together, they aim to enhance commodity movement and trade in regions like Bono East (Techiman), Northern (Tamale), and Greater Accra (Tema) that are densely populated by farmers.
  • In Tanzania, Umojalands is actively engaged with Digital Mobile Africa, utilizing their software as a service. This partnership enables the adoption of Umojalands' innovative solutions, furthering their impact in the region.

These collaborations and partnerships reflect Umojalands' growing influence and commitment to revolutionizing the agricultural sector and empowering farmers.

Future planned ahead:

  • Farmers Commodity Management Module 
  • Enhance the Logistics Dashboard and App to provide advanced features for optimizing transportation and delivery logistics, ensuring timely and cost-effective commodity movement. 
  • Expand the Warehouse Commodity Storage and Grading Module to support additional functionalities such as automated inventory management and real-time quality assessment using emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.
  • Continuously improve the Auction House and Trading Module by incorporating smart bidding algorithms and expanding the network of potential buyers, thereby increasing market opportunities for farmers
Future Plans of Umojalands
  • Develop and implement a dedicated Livestock Trading Module, enabling farmers to trade livestock efficiently and unlock the value of cattle and other high-value livestock.
  • Blockchain-powered Land Trades: Introduce the Blockchain-based Land Trades feature, allowing the tokenization of agricultural land and enabling investors to securely invest in highly productive farmlands using NFTs as share certificates. 
  • Smart Contracts: Further optimize the smart contracts infrastructure to enhance efficiency, scalability, and security. Implement advanced self-sovereign identity solutions, enabling farmers to have greater control over their data and ensuring privacy and data security on the trader's and farmer's apps.
  • Umojalands DeFi Lending: Obtain a microfinance license from the central bank to provide regulatory compliance for Umojalands DeFi Lending.
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